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型號: 6100.3100
SCHURTERConnectors (Inlets/Outlets)SWISS MADEDescription- Panel mount :Screw-on mounting from front or rear-side- Appliance Inlet , Pin temperature 70 °C , Protection class I- Variants with factory mounted inlet gasket and sealing kit for IP54 into the equipement and the pluggable power supply-..
廠牌: DESCARTES 型號: Model
早期KESTER音響專用銲錫 售價: 1公尺$70 銲錫線徑:1.57mm 只剩最後一卷,賣完就沒了! 如需購買,可先來電洽詢 _______________________________________________ 1F STORE..
廠牌: DESCARTES 型號: X-39
早期英國Multicore音響專用銲錫 售價: 1公尺$60 銲錫線徑:1.02mm _______________________________________________ OFFICE 5f8 2-1..
廠牌: DESCARTES 型號: X38
早期英國Multicore音響專用銲錫 售價: 1公尺$40 銲錫線徑:812mm _______________________________________________ OFFICE 5F9 1-4..
廠牌: DESCARTES 型號: X388
早期英國Multicore音響專用銲錫 售價: 1公尺$60 銲錫線徑:1.0mm _______________________________________________ 5C3R1-1..
型號: N/A
總體尺寸:55mm x 22mm螺絲孔距:50mmNew Old Stocks☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆home..
廠牌: ALPS 型號: SDKLA10300
250Vac 5A 日本製 ________________________________ A櫃1-1..
型號: SDW1P
125Vac 3A 固定螺絲孔距:20mm 日本製 ________________________________ HOME B7-5..
型號: Model
A40 PC板 完整度高 單聲道$350 雙聲道$700 單片板內含電源及濾波線路 可獨立電源AC直入 規格: 長:22.5CM 寬:10CM..
型號: KAB-15
15AMP 250V 14.3mm*51mm ____________________________ 1FAL 6-2..
型號: KAB-5
5AMP 250V 14.3mm*51mm ____________________________ 1FAL 6-2..
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